Using specific degreasers and dry steam, we manage to leave your car interior and an exterior compartment with an exceptional look without endangering cables, electronic systems, or any other element. Our professionals apply a layer of transparent quartz on the varnish, which offers semi-permanent protection, to protect your vehicles’ paint, making cleaning easier and providing extreme shine.

We stay conveniently connected to you throughout the process. From exterior shine to the interior, our detailing, steam, and engine cleaning adds to the shine and glow of your car. As a team, we focus on the appearance, superior cleanliness, and sanitization of your vehicle to provide you consistently with the detail you love and deserve.

Express Detail :

Starting at $50
Time: 45-60 minutes

  • Full exterior foam wash,
  • Tires/rims degreased and cleaned
  • Tires shined
  • Full interior vacuum
  • Windows cleaned
  • Vans, Trucks SUV’s $+15-20
Mini detail :

Starting at $90
Time: 1-2 hours

  • Full exterior foam wash
  • Rims/tires/wheel wells degreased and cleaned
  • Tires shined
  • Full interior vacuum
  • rubber mats cleaned
  • Interior cleaning of the (dashboard, cupholders, door panels, door jambs, and center console)
  • Trunk vacuumed
  • Windows cleaned
  • Vans, trucks, and SUV’s +$10-20
Full Interior Detail w/steam cleaning:

Starting at $200
Time: 2-3 hours.

  • Full steam cleaning of all touched surfaces
  • Full vacuum
  • Full interior shampoo (seats, floors, mats, and headliner)
  • Leather conditioning (all interior leather)
  • Stain removal
  • Full interior cleaning (dash, door panels, center console, instrument panel, windows, and door jambs)
  • Rubber mats power washed and cleaned
  • trunk cleaned
  • full exterior wash
  • rims/tires/wheel wells degreased and shined
  •  small SUV’s/small trucks +$10
  • Large trucks/vans +$25-50
Full Exterior detail: (For paint enhancement, extreme gloss and paint protection)

Starting at $300
Time: 3-6 hours

  • Full exterior foam wash with a clay bar
  • Professional grade 1 step polish w/buffer machine to remove light defects and scratches. Also adds maximum gloss and shine to your vehicles paint.
  • Rims/tires degreased and cleaned
  • Tires shined
  • Door jambs wiped
  • Windows cleaned
  • Small SUV’s +$50
  • Trucks/Vans +$75-$150
Executive detail:

Starting at $300
Time 3-6 hours (may vary)

  • Full exterior foam wash
  • Clay bar for decontamination
  • Professional grade hand wax
  • Tire/rims degreased and cleaned
  • Tires shined
  • Full interior vacuum
  • Interior steam cleaning of all touched surfaces
  • Full interior shampoo (seats, floor mats, floor, and headliner)
  • Cleaning of (dashboard, door panels, instrument panel, and console area)
  • Leather conditioning
  • Windows cleaned
  • Door jambs

Paint Correction
1 step: Starts at $299

SUV’s: $350

Vans/trucks $400

Foam wash and clay bar to remove all dirt and decontaminate the paint. Then using a buffer, I will remove swirls and surface scratches while also restoring the shine and gloss back to your vehicles paint. *All defects are not guaranteed to be removed depending how deep the defects are. buffing removes 85-95 percent of defects*.

2Step: Starts at $499

SUV’s: Starts at $575

Vans/Trucks: Starts at $650

2 Step Paint Correction is for vehicles in worse condition. After foam washing and clay bar, the next step is compounding your vehicles paint to remove the deep swirls and scratches (depending how deep). Compound is a more aggressive chemical that gets deeper into your vehicles paint. The next step is to polish the vehicle to restore the paint and get back its shine. You can top this off by adding a Ceramic Coating, Wax or Sealant of your choice for Maximum Protection, Shine and Gloss. Paint correction is not guaranteed to remove all defects, depending how severe. It will remove 85-95 percent of defects.

Ceramic Coating
1 yr $200

SUV $225

Large suv/mini van/trucks $300

includes foam wash,  paint decontamination and clay bar pre-treatment. Gives your vehicle a beautiful shine and gloss while adding paint protection.

3yr Starts at $1,000

SUV’s $1,100

Van’s, Trucks $1,200

All vehicles are prepped with a foam wash and clay bar to decontaminate the paint. The vehicle will then receive a 1 step polish to remove all swirls and imperfections. Topped off with a 3 year ceramic coating to protect your vehicles paint and give it a glass like gloss, finish and shine. Maintenance instructions will be given.

5yr Starts at: $1,300

SUV’s $1,400

Vans/trucks $1,500


Spray Wax or Sealant (Poly-Seal)
$35 car
$45 truck, van suv
Wheel and tire treatment
Wheel wells degreased, extreme brake dust removal, rims cleaned and tires dressed – $15 per wheel
Interior steam cleaning
Up to 350 degrees of steam that kills germs, bacteria, and cuts through grease and grime – From $75

Seat/Floor Shampoo/Leather Conditioning

$25 Per Seat/Section
Engine cleaning
Degreasing and cleaning of the engine – From $50
Headlight Restoration
Pet Hair Removal
starts at $100
Bodily Fluid
(Vomit) $100